In the manufacture of our carpets used Swiss dyes.




In the production of carpets, it is customary to apply the ARS color system, but our experience shows that even ARS samples of the same number can have strong discrepancies in color. Therefore, we have developed our own JEROME BOTANIC color palette and regularly update it with new topical shades. We can pick up and paint the threads in any shade at the request of the customer. But it is important to bear in mind that in the case of custom-made carpet, the color of the finished product never fully coincides with the sample. In addition, the visual perception of color can vary depending on the size of the color fragment, the combination of colors in one picture, the color gamut of surrounding objects, walls, floor, from changes in lighting, weather conditions and even from a person’s mood.

Color perception is nature over which man has no power. It is also worth knowing that when choosing the same color, the wool will always be darker than silk or bamboo, as it does not have a shine that enhances the reflection of light.