Cleaning the carpet is always better to trust trusted companies and professionals. If you have spilled a dye on the carpet, you need to attach the napkins as quickly as possible so that they absorb the liquid, then contact a specialist to remove the stain.

Never rub the pile, especially in circular motions, avoid getting any fluids on the carpet and do not try to clean the carpet yourself with improvised means.

If the carpet is wet for some reason, it should be dried only in a straightened form strictly on a horizontal surface.

For storage, it is better to fold the carpet into a roll and periodically unfold it so that it can breathe. Silk and wool carpets may be briefly folded in an envelope. Carpets of bamboo and viscose after folding the envelope form creases, so we recommend that you only roll them into a roll. The part of the carpet that falls under direct sunlight will change its shade of color, so it is recommended to periodically rotate the carpet so that the color change is even.